Our solutions for the automotive industry


Mobile Connectivity Platform

Reliably connected – whether reading emails or using video and audio streaming in vehicles.

“Mobile Connectivity” stands for the secure connection and routing of mobile traffic, which is decided based on the SIM card configuration. This service is provided by Smaser on a private cloud in Europe as well as in the USA and according to ITIL. We guarantee the availability of the service by service level agreements (SLA). By applying standards and state-of-the-art technology, complex processes are implemented SLA-compliant.

Our Mobile Connectivity Platform enables drivers of selected brands to use national internet services such as Netflix and Spotify with their personal profile even if they are not in their own country with their vehicle. We securely manage this premium communication service and guarantee 99.95% availability.


Smaser Enterprise Asset Management

Reliable tracking – full transparency and overview of devices & assets

Smaser Enterprise Asset Management (SEAM) offers our customers a comprehensive solution for managing devices and technical assets. With SEAM you combine all aspects of enterprise asset management in one digital solution. Whether location, condition, liabilities or maintenance measures, Smaser Enterprise Asset Management provides transparency.


Smaser Digital Inspect

Inspect, document, monitor and alert

Smaser Digital Inspect offers a fully integrated solution for the digitalization of various documentation processes. From manual data collection via QR codes to fully automatic recording via sensors, measurements and routine tasks can be easily documented digitally. Smaser Digital Inspect thus serves as a versatile solution with a low entry barrier and can gradually increase your company’s level of digitalization.