Our service – Our approach

Smart IT Service Foundry

The Smart IT Service Foundry creates long-term success for customers.

Service strategy

The right strategy is always required at the start. Service strategies include an IT strategy that is developed from a corporate strategy and which plans, manages and monitors the effective use of IT resources.

Service design

We see IT service design as the development of IT services to meet specific needs. IT service design can be architecture concepts, application and software designs, or service and process designs.

Service development

IT service development involves realising IT services for companies. These services can range from IT/cloud infrastructure, software development and system integration through to service transition including processes and procedures.

Service operation

We host applications, platforms and cloud solutions. We offer managed services for entire systems and subsystems and integrate our services into existing process chains.

Service optimisation

IT services undergo continuous optimisation with the focus on service quality. Sustainable gains in both service performance and quality help to ensure businesses remain successful over the long term. Service optimisation therefore includes systematically specifying and implementing performance parameters and metrics, monitoring agreed targets, identifying weaknesses and upgrading services.

Cloud solutions

We provide a range of cloud solutions to meet specific customer needs.

Public clouds have the main advantages of fast availability, easy setup and on-demand scalability.
Hybrid clouds enable businesses to achieve the optimal allocation of IT workloads. Flexibility is essential when setting up and operating services. Hybrid clouds enable services to be inexpensively scaled.
Private clouds have now established themselves as cost-effective solutions. They provide businesses with secure access to IT resources.

We understand market environments, existing IT infrastructures and individual needs so that we can create the best solutions for customers.