Smaser Business Process Hub

Connects workloads into an overall process

The Smaser Business Process Hub hosts various applications for the digitalization and automation of business processes. The concept of merging different applications on our platform allows easy networking of previously separate process sections. Thus, workloads of different partners or parts of the company can be quickly and easily connected to an integrated overall process by means of Smaser Business Process Hub.

Smaser hosts and operates its customers’ process digitization applications on the Smaser platform SNIP. For those looking for a suitable process digitisation application, Smaser offers a selection of integrated applications from partners, such as the ALLISA Low-Code Digitisation Platform for business processes and regulations.


A low code digitization platform from our partner ALLISA UG

Allisa is the low-code digitization platform for business processes and rules and regulations of our partner ALLISA UG from Germany.

With Allisa, companies digitize their business processes, including all rules and regulations, quickly and holistically. Processes are modeled and then executed. The patented SONALĀ® process technology gives users absolute freedom for their modelling.

About Allisa UG …