Smaser Enterprise Data Hub

Our Data Hub for your application

The Smaser Enterprise Data Hub SEDH is a NoSQL database available in our NG-IPaaS solution. SEDH has been built from the ground up to be a database that can be used to manage both structured and unstructured data. This design characteristic makes SEDH a multi-value database.
SEDH databases are similar to document stores and can be easily used as key/value stores, XML databases, relational tables, diagram databases or thesauri. Small “data telegrams” from IOT edge environments can be stored and read out just as efficiently as documents or image files.
SEDH’s own combination of database and search engine makes it easy to integrate the database into your application. This way you can achieve excellent response times even for complicated queries without any major effort on the part of the developer or system administrator.
Application examples: IOT applications, enterprise search systems, media archives, library systems, patent systems, video archives and image and media object storage.

TRIP! Enterprise Search

An SEDH application

TRIP! The Findemaschine is our high-performance enterprise search solution for all documents of your company.
With one click TRIP searches all repositories – FileServer, Sharepoint or databases – for a search term. It saves you the trouble of multiple searches and displays all results uniformly and clearly. And if you don’t know exactly what you want to find, the faceted search or the integrated thesaurus will help you find it.

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TRIP! The NoSQL Data Base

SEDH to download for on-premise installation

The SW on which our Data Hub is based is available for download here. The package includes a test license for 1 month.

To download the software you have to register first.

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