Smaser IOT Hub

Core component of an IoT application

The Smaser IoT Hub is a central message hub for communication between IoT applications and devices on the SNIP. With the IoT Hub, IoT solutions can be created with secure communication and management of IoT devices and a backend on the SPSC. In the simplest case, the IoT devices transmit the sensor data at regular intervals. These can be physical variables such as temperature, consumption or filling level. More complex scenarios involve not only collecting status data from the sensors but also controlling IoT Devices such as air conditioning systems or building access systems. The Smaser IoT Hub speaks the common communication protocols such as MQTT, Xampp via the most diverse communication paths such as LTE, LoRaWAN or similar. Sensors of other protocol families can also be connected via gateways and common fieldbus systems such as MODBus or M-Bus. The persistence layer for the acquired data can be easily created by combining it with our Smaser Enterprise Data Hub, which is the core of an IoT application.

The Smaser IoT Hub includes device management, so IoT devices can be commissioned and managed. An alarm function available at device level with forwarding to mail or smartphone is also implemented.  This allows anomalies to be easily integrated into standard operating procedures.

Our Smaser Digital Document & Inspect application is hosted on our own Cloud (SPSC) and uses our Smaser IoT Hub component as its core.


Digital Document & Inspect

Goodbye, paper economy. Hello digitalization!

Smaser Digital Document & Inspect is an IoT document management system that uses IoT sensors and manual Bluetooth-capable sensor data to capture and document. With the help of a mobile app, work instructions such as checklists can be assigned to employees. In order to avoid confusion of the correct inspection point, a QR code is used to identify the instruction. In the web-based overview page there is a central data retrieval of all activities performed. These activities can of course be created here as required and provided with an alarm.

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