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Smaser’s Managed Services are clearly defined IT services tailored to the customer’s needs. Based on defined Service Level Agreements (SLA), Smaser takes care of the desired areas of our customers’ IT.

We are taking responsibility for operations, hosting applications, platforms and cloud solutions. We offer our customers the takeover of the entire system or subsystems of their IT as a “managed service” as well as the integration of our solutions into the existing process chain.

To realize a managed service we offer to derive the design for the future IoT or cloud service based on the customer’s strategy. For us, design means that the IoT and cloud service is conceptualized on the basis of our customers’ specific requirements. As part of the development, we realize the service for our customers from the IT or cloud infrastructure, software development and system integration, to the transition of the service, which moves into operation.

Managed services include various services, e.g. the operation of the IT and cloud infrastructure including applications and databases up to testing and quality assurance of this environment. In principle, the services are jointly defined and documented before the contract is concluded. Based on a pre-agreed SLA, the customer can measure and evaluate the fulfillment of the services as well as the executed quality.


Within the scope of the operation, Smaser AG offers different levels of responsibility, which are covered by the following functions. The technical responsibilities can be combined with “Service Management”, “Service Desk / Hotline” and “DevOps” respectively.



Service Management Service Desk /Hotline DevOps
Responsibility of the application incl. DB, application etc. Application Management

5×8 / 24×7

Can be combined Can be combined Can be combined
Provisioning of VMs on OS level or container platform Operation Management

5×8 / 24×7

Can be combined Can be combined
IaaS – Provisioning of Infrastructure as a Service on Private / Public Cloud Cloud/ Infrastructure Management

5×8 / 24×7

Can be combined Can be combined



Service Management

Service Management is responsible for the full contractual provision of services. To this end, Smaser AG appoints a service manager who acts as the contractor’s point of contact for questions relating to the performance of the service. To ensure that the service is provided in accordance with the contract, Service Management carries out the following activities in accordance with ITIL®:

  • Service Level Management
  • Availability Management
  • IT Service Continuity Management
  • Change, Incident and Problem Management
  • Service Asset & Configuration Management
  • Request Fulfillment




Service Desk

The Service Desk is the central point of contact for all service requests in the form of incidents, changes, service requests and problems. The Service Desk is available 5×8 or 24×7 to the customer via email or hotline.


Cloud / Infrastructure Management

Infrastructure Management looks after the IT infrastructure in hybrid environments, from hardware to VM configuration. This applies to both “on premise” installations and cloud setups. This includes firewall and network infrastructure, the hypervisor and the underlying system hardware. Infrastructure Management takes care of monitoring all infrastructure components and, in the event of an incident, is involved in troubleshooting at the infrastructure level right down to the VM.


Application Management

Application Management takes care of stable and customer-optimized operation from the operating system and middleware to the application. This includes health checks, monitoring and backup and restore of individual files or application elements. The implementation of changes and support in troubleshooting in the areas of operating system, middleware and application are also part of the activities of Application Management.



DevOps form the interface between Technical Management and Application Development. They develop and test the deployment packages, which are then finally rolled out in the productive environment together with Application Management. They are responsible for application monitoring, testing and quality assurance for the entire application operation. Furthermore, they are responsible for the automation of Continuous Integration and Continuous Development. In their agile way of working, the DevOps support the Infrastructure and Application Management in the operation of the application on the complete platform.

Reliable applications

Access established cloud and IoT applications and benefit from the       expertise of Smaser AG

Broad experience

Strengthen your IT with the experts at Smaser AG and stay up to date with the   latest cloud and IoT solutions

Save resources

Reduce the workload on your team and free up resources for core tasks. Smaser AG has your back


Individual service

Adjust availability and service times             exactly to your needs with the right               service level agreement


Versatile services

Whether service, supplier, cloud or application management – Smaser AG supports your team exactly where you need it