TRIP Enterprise Search Solution



TRIP is a solution for companies that pull information from a variety of data sets (studies, regulations, patents, laws, contracts) on a daily basis to generate new value and depend on finding the information accurately, quickly and efficiently or reacting when it changes. Tailored to our customers’ needs, TRIP is available as a cloud or on-premise solution and can be customized according to data volume and number of users.




Lastingly accurate

The convenient, interactive search                 (full text, drill-down, thesaurus) across          all of your company’s document inventories enables accurate retrieval of information.


Automated routine tasks

Automated search with personalized            alerting informs you when information         in document repositories changes, for example, in the case of an amendment to a law, a new pharmacological study or a new press release.


Cost & Time Savings

TRIP indexes large document repositories such as patents or pharmacological studies using artificial intelligence (AI). TRIP can thus open up large, as yet unindexed document inventories for efficient searches. The effort compared to a “manual” indexing can be significantly reduced.


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