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Push and SMS Notification

Many apps make everyday life easier by taking over routine activities. The fast, secure transmission of information is a significant added value of the apps.


A major German telecommunications provider offers its customers a platform with a white label push notification product, including for smart home and other IoT applications.


Our tasks were the design of the private cloud and the corresponding software architecture, the orientation of the service at the customer, the delivery and transition of the services as well as the operational processes. The operation of the private cloud platform, the further development of interfaces and the delivery of new functions to end customers are current tasks.


The challenge was to create a stable and trusted platform that could distribute more than 50 million push notifications per day for various mobile operating systems and Windows applications with high availability and minimal downtime for maintenance.


The solution is a platform with several redundant process chains that ensure maximum system throughput and high redundancy. Nearly all maintenance work can be carried out without downtime to achieve the required highest possible availability. The service operation processes are implemented according to the ITIL V3 standard to ensure a high quality standard both internally and towards the end customers.