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In-Car WiFi

Secure and high-performance access to information from the Internet on the road for professional and personal tasks is an essential element of customer satisfaction for vehicle owners

Service solution

“Mobile Connectivity” stands for secure connection and routing of mobile traffic, which is decided based on SIM card configuration. This service is provided by Smaser on a private cloud in Europe as well as the USA and according to ITIL. We guarantee availability of the service by SLA. By using standards and the latest technology, complex processes are implemented SLA-compliant.

Service customers

The challenges of our customers from the telecommunication and automotive industry are the following. The service must be provided with a high availability of 99.9% as well as ensuring DSGVO compliance in Europe and the USA.

Currently, the following use cases are being deployed

  • Direct connection of the platform to a mobile network via the respective APN
  • Possible interfaces are currently the end customer management and associated billing platform of the respective customer