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Setting up and operating a hybrid cloud environment

Cloud environments have become essential in today’s world. The focus is always on data security, flexibility and scalability.

Service Solution

The Smaser Private Shared Cloud (SPSC) offers our customers a hybrid cloud concept consisting of private cloud and public cloud components, thus combining the advantages of both worlds in a joint, demand-oriented cloud concept that can be used universally. In addition to the classic virtualizations, containers can also be provided on the Openshift cluster.

The concept of the hybrid cloud, which describes a hybrid of a private cloud hosted in a traditional on-site data center and a public cloud, makes this combination of high data security and flexibility possible. To ensure that the components of the hybrid cloud interact optimally, we coordinate, administer and operate them for our customers.

Service Customers

As a hybrid cloud, SPSC is used as a platform for various Smaser solutions by customers from numerous industries, such as telecommunications, automotive and media. The challenge our customers face in cloud environments is in particular to combine the compliance of data sensitive applications or legally regulated companies with the flexibility of publicly available cloud solutions.