Application Services

Our wish for you

Put your applications on autopilot

Finally a smooth application management, finally more clarity, structure and finally less downtime as well as performance problems: welcome to SMASER’s Managed Application Service.

The ultimate solution for smooth application management!

With our tools and applications, everything now runs on autopilot. Because together with you, we completely rethink the entire application landscape in your company. To do this, we have innovative technologies that are characterized by flexible customization and high performance.

On this basis, we define all the processes of your IT and the required application services. In addition, we assume complete operational responsibility – quite unlike classic IT service providers. With this, we set up your application landscape in a wonderfully simple and wonderfully uncomplicated way. Just the way digitization should be for us.

Your advantage: You can finally focus again on what really counts – your business.

SMASER – Your lighthouse in an increasingly complex time

If you are looking for IT solutions that work in a stable and uncomplicated way and create tangible added value, you have come to the right place. Because SMASER is your specialist for high-quality IT services that take working in a networked world to a whole new level of reliability.

Methodical instead of unstructured, agile and nimble instead of sluggish, individual instead of pattern: that’s how we tick – and that’s how we are.

Your advantage

More power thanks to reliable application support

  • High cost savings
    With our Managed Application Services, you achieve significant savings as the costs for maintenance and care are noticeably reduced.
  • Optimal scalability
    With SMASER, you benefit from a high degree of scalability, as we can always adapt the capacities of the applications to the needs of your company and thus react flexibly to changing requirements.
  • Permanent availability
    Our Application Services ensure that all applications are constantly available and that downtimes are minimized due to innovative technologies and processes.
  • Smart IT Relief
    By outsourcing your application management, you relieve the burden on your internal IT, allowing it to better focus on your company’s core business.
  • First-class security
    We proactively take care of compliance with all security standards, protection against cyber attacks and maintenance.

Our contribution

Maximum performance through our Application Services

We take over the administration and maintenance of previously defined applications for you. Monitoring performance, performing updates and maintenance, troubleshooting, security, and supporting the use of the applications are all part of our criteria catalog.

    Managed hosting

    Hosting and operation of the applications

    Managed Operations

    Monitor and manage applications, including troubleshooting.

    Managed Cloud Services

    Transferring applications to the cloud and monitoring cloud operations

    Managed Modernization

    Modernization of existing applications to adapt to new technologies and requirements

    Managed Security

    Monitoring and securing applications against cyber threats

    Managed support

    Provide technical support and assistance for the applications

    Our approach

    Step by step to the perfect application service

    Our Application Services are characterized by a carefully thought-out and methodical approach that extends from the initial planning phase through to implementation and continuous monitoring of the applications. We ensure that every step in our process is optimally aligned with your individual needs and business processes to ensure the highest levels of efficiency, security and performance.


      In the requirements analysis, we create a requirements profile to precisely capture the requirements for the applications and their management.


      Based on this requirements profile, a customized concept is developed that describes the technical and organizational processes of the application services.


      We implement the applications according to the agreed concept and make them available for your company to use.


      Finally, you're off: From now on, we take care of application management and maintenance, as well as their proper operation. We monitor performance and security, support your employees in their use, solve problems, regularly analyze the entire operation and create transparent reports on the services we provide.

      May we introduce

      Our team for your applications!

      With us you will be well taken care of. That’s why we provide you with a cross-functional team of experienced professionals consisting of different service teams and technical management. Each of these teams is led by a service manager. This means that you not only always have the best manpower for every task, but also a personal contact person who takes care of everything with confidence.

      Service Management

      Our Service Manager monitors, controls and optimizes the operational control processes as well as the coordinated interface processes and 1st, 2nd or 3rd level support. He is also available to answer any questions you may have regarding the implementation of our application service solutions.

      Supplier Management

      The SMASER Supplier Manager is responsible for managing all suppliers and service providers that are under our responsibility and involved in your project.

      Service Desk

      Our Service Desk is the central point of contact for all your service requests in the form of incidents, changes, service requests and problems. The service desk is available 5×8 or 24×7 via email or hotline.

      Cloud/ Infrastructure Management

      Infrastructure Management looks after the IT infrastructure in hybrid environments from hardware to VM configuration – for both on-premise installations and cloud infrastructures. This includes the firewall and network infrastructure, the hypervisor and the underlying system hardware.

      Application Management

      Application Management takes care of stable and customer-optimized operation from the operating system to the middleware to the application. These include health checks, monitoring and backup and restore of individual files or application elements.


      DevOps is the interface between technical management and applications development. You will develop and test the deployment packages and then roll them out in the productive environment together with Application Management. They are also responsible for application monitoring, testing and quality assurance for the entire application operation.


      Things to know

      Which applications are supported within the scope of Application Services?

      It depends on the provider which applications are supported. We offer customized solutions and services for specific applications or industries – whether Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Supply Chain Management (SCM), Human Resources Management (HRM), Business Intelligence (BI), Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), Collaboration Tools (e.g. Microsoft Office 365, G Suite), Content Management Systems (CMS), Databases (e.g. MySQL, Oracle) or Web Applications – we find efficient solutions for every customer.

      How is application availability ensured by the application service?

      The exact measures taken to ensure availability depend on the customer’s requirements. The availability of applications supported by Managed Application Services can be ensured by various measures:

      Redundancy: The use of redundant hardware and network elements can reduce the probability of failure.

      Resilience: Applications can be configured to run on multiple servers simultaneously to minimize downtime.

      Backup and recovery: Regular backups of applications and data enable fast recovery in the event of a failure.

      Monitoring: The applications and associated systems are monitored to identify and correct potential problems at an early stage.

      Maintenance: Regular maintenance and updates of applications and systems can help to increase availability.

      SLA: A Service Level Agreement (SLA) can guarantee application availability and define availability requirements.

      How are security requirements met by managed application services?

      Meeting security requirements is an important part of managed application services. Here are some examples of measures that can help meet safety requirements:

      Access control: Access rights for the applications and data are set and monitored to prevent unwanted access.

      Firewall: Firewall rules are implemented to control and protect traffic between internal and external networks.

      Encryption: Sensitive data is encrypted to protect it from unauthorized access.

      Security patches: Regular security patches and updates are installed to close known security holes.

      Compliance: Adherence to legal and industry-specific compliance requirements is monitored and ensured.

      How are updates and maintenance performed by Application Services?

      Updates and maintenance are important to ensure application availability, security and performance. Here are some examples of approaches that can be taken by managed application services providers:

      Regular maintenance schedules: Updates and maintenance are performed at scheduled times to minimize the impact on application availability.

      Test environments: Updates and changes are first tried out in a test environment before being implemented in the production environment.

      Rollback option: If there are problems after implementing updates or changes, there is an option to revert to a previous state.

      Notifications: Customers are notified in advance of scheduled maintenance and updates.

      Documentation: All maintenance work and updates performed are documented and available.

      Automation: Maintenance work and updates can be carried out through automation processes.

      How are applications scaled to fit the needs of the business?

      Scalability is an important aspect of managed application services, as it allows the capacity of applications to be adapted to the changing needs of the business. Here are some examples of approaches that managed application services providers can use to ensure application scalability:

      Cloud-based applications: Cloud-based applications make it possible to quickly and easily adapt capacity to the needs of the business by adding or removing resources such as storage, CPU and memory.

      Auto-scaling: Auto-scaling is a technology that automatically adjusts capacities to the current load.

      Containerization: Containerization makes it possible to divide applications into individual components that can be scaled independently of one another.

      Load balancing: Load balancing distributes the load across multiple servers to ensure application scalability and availability.

      Capacity planning: Capacity planning makes it possible to predict the future needs of the company and adjust capacities in advance.

      What support and assistance services are provided by Application Service?

      Our Managed Application Service provides a variety of support and back-up services to ensure applications run smoothly and issues are resolved quickly:

      Remote support: Support is provided via the Internet or telephone.

      On-site support: Support is provided on-site at the customer’s premises.

      24/7 Support: Support is available around the clock.

      Ticket system: A ticket system allows customers to report problems and track their processing status.

      Knowledge Base: A knowledge base provides access to documentation, solutions, and guidance on common issues.


      Start your digital change!

      My passion? Helping where there is need. With SMASER’s Application Services, we put out many fires and solve exciting challenges for a wide variety of customers. Our goal: A smooth transformation until you as our customer are happy.

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