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The SMASER Promise

Industry-wide solutions, maximum security

Revolutionize the way you run your business!

With SMASER Managed Services, you ensure efficient, cost-effective and stress-free operations. Whether you’re in automotive, facilities management, manufacturing or healthcare, managed services offer unique benefits for every industry.

Say goodbye to manual and time-consuming processes and experience the future of business with managed services. Benefit from faster response times, better security, higher productivity and optimized resource allocation. It’s time to unleash your company’s potential – with Managed Services!


Resource bottlenecks like never before and more and more requirements: the healthcare industry has long since reached its organizational limit. SMASER offers solutions!

Manufacturing Industry

Integrating technologies and overcoming compatibility issues slow you down? Then we at SMASER can help.

Automotive industry

Electromobility, autonomous driving and connecting vehicles to the Internet. This is how SMASER can support the adaptation of business models.

Facility Management

Our services are there to help you meet new challenges – from IoT and building automation to Building Information Modeling.


Start your digital change!

My passion? Climbing mountains and making the impossible possible! That’s also what makes working at SMASER so exciting. With customer-centric managed services, we help you in your digital ascent and guide you safely to the goal of transformation.

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Rupert Englmaier

VP Business Development, SMASER AG


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