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The SMASER Promise

Facility management of a new generation

Today, the new era of your facility management begins: with SMASER’s managed IT services. Gone are the days of tedious and inefficient manual processes – our smart technologies for facility management now bring fresh momentum and a significant increase in efficiency to your facility management.

More simplicity, more speed, more transparency: take your building performance to the next level with SMASER digitalization solutions!

Your benefit: Our managed IT services make your facility management a smooth and efficient task, leaving you more time and more free resources for your core activities. This digital change will revolutionize your entire work processes: from building maintenance and technical services to billing. This achieves a significant increase in performance and speed.

Digital challenges

Everyone loves old buildings, but not with digital processes!

Digitalization is changing the building industry at breakneck speed, while at the same time presenting it with enormous challenges due to the necessary change to modern processes.


  • Technological complexity: The introduction of new digital technologies is highly complex, especially in older buildings or buildings that are not technologically up to date.
  • Data security: In terms of data protection and cyber security, the management of building data and building information is already a major challenge today, but it will become even more of a focus in the future.
  • Cost: Investing in smart technologies and modern infrastructures can be an insurmountable obstacle for building owners – especially for smaller organizational forms.
  • Integration: The integration of new technologies into existing buildings and technical systems is not always easy to realize and usually requires complex adaptations.
  • Lack of standardization: A lack of standardization of technologies and systems can lead to compatibility problems and make interoperability more difficult.


Our blueprint for the digital transformation of your facility management

With SMASER Managed Services, we revolutionize the management of your buildings. Quickly, precisely and at predictable costs.

Managed Cloud Services

Individually scalable and hardware independent cloud solutions for the private, public and edge instances of your building management.

Managed Network and Security Services

Systems to improve data security in building management through secure data storage, secure data transfers, and access rights control.

Managed Application Services

Provision of integrated systems for efficient linking of technical building systems with energy management, security management and other areas of building management.

Managed Desktop Services

Unified platform solutions to eliminate inefficiencies and reduce the cost of maintaining and monitoring desktops and applications.


Take the elevator to the future of your building management now!

Opportunities instead of risks: with the proven SMASER Managed IT Services, the digitization of your building management succeeds without any great effort and thus opens up a multitude of new possibilities for you. Interested? We will be happy to advise you personally on SMASER IT management for buildings.


We are at home in your business!

In addition to our 100 percent affinity for building management and real estate administration, we offer you a whole range of other advantages for digitizing your building management:

  • We have a high level of expertise in stable and scalable platforms – regardless of the number of employees or services.
  • We guarantee smooth operation of all applications and interfaces provided by us.
  • With us, you can easily develop your business even in the long term, because we work with scalable clouds.
  • We guarantee the highest security standards and availability from 95% to 99.99% uptime.



Things to know

In which areas is the topic of digitization exciting in facility management?

Digitization can be applied in various lines of business and contribute to improved efficiency, cost savings and a better user experience. Examples are:

Building automation: monitoring and control of building functions such as lighting, air conditioning, security and energy efficiency.

BIM (Building Information Modeling): Use of digital models to manage the entire life cycle of a building, from design to maintenance.

Rental management software: manage ownership, leases and payments for residential and commercial properties.

Sensor technology: Use of sensors to monitor and verify building data such as energy consumption and indoor climate.

Smart home technology: using smart devices to control and monitor building functions and services.

How can managed services help facility management?

It depends on the provider what problem solution they want to achieve. Examples would be:

  • Monitoring and maintenance management for buildings and technical systems to avoid cost-intensive failures.
  • Energy cost management for monitoring and optimizing the energy efficiency of your buildings.
  • Security management for buildings including monitoring, alerting and threat response.
  • Administrative management of building space including monitoring of use, maintenance and repair.
  • Data management for easy collection, management and analysis of your building data.
How can managed services in facility management save costs and increase efficiency?

Managed services in facility management can save costs and increase efficiency by optimizing the IT infrastructure and processes of facility management.

Here are some ways managed services can help:

  • Proactive maintenance and remote monitoring of IT systems, networks and infrastructures can reduce downtime and emergencies, thereby avoiding costly repairs or replacement parts.
  • Centralized IT management and monitoring enable faster identification and resolution of issues, increasing efficiency and reducing the need for manual intervention.
  • Automation of IT tasks and processes can increase productivity by reducing manual labor and enabling fast, accurate execution of tasks.
  • Consolidation and virtualization of IT infrastructures and systems can save space, power and cooling, resulting in cost savings.
  • By using cloud computing and virtualization, companies can reduce hardware and maintenance costs and become more flexible and scalable.
How secure are managed services in facility management and how do they protect my data and networks?

Managed services in facility management can be very secure when provided by an experienced and qualified provider. Such a provider usually has a comprehensive security concept that covers the physical security of IT systems and data, network security and data security.

Specific security measures that a facility management managed services provider can take include:

  • Firewall management and network security
  • Network monitoring and intrusion detection systems
  • Data backup and recovery planning
  • Application security and data encryption
  • Identity and access management
  • Risk management and compliance monitoring

In addition, managed services providers should conduct regular reviews and testing to ensure their security measures are effective and that their customers are protected from cyber threats and security breaches.

When choosing facility management managed services, it’s important to make sure you choose an experienced and qualified provider that has proven security measures in place and is capable of protecting your IT systems and data. It’s also important to conduct regular reviews and tests to ensure your security measures are up to date and that your data and networks are protected from cyber threats and security breaches.

How can I ensure that the facility management managed services providers I choose are reliable and qualified?

There are some best practices to ensure that the facility management managed services providers you choose are reliable and qualified:

Check the vendor’s experience and references and make sure they are in the building management business.

Make sure the vendor has valid certification and experience working with the latest technologies and security standards.

Ask for detailed information about the vendor’s IT infrastructure and security protocols to ensure your data and systems are secure.

Make sure the vendor has a robust disaster recovery and business continuity plan in place to ensure your business continuity is maintained in the event of an emergency.

Agree on clear service level agreements (SLAs) and define the requirements your buildings and IT systems must meet to ensure your vendor can meet your needs.

Look for vendor flexibility to ensure they are able to address your specific business needs and processes.

Ask for a demonstration or trial period to ensure that the provider is able to deliver services effectively and reliably.

By taking these steps, you can ensure that you find a reliable and qualified facility management managed services provider that meets your needs and supports your business success.


Start your digital change!

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Auf einen Austausch freue ich mich!

Rupert Englmaier

VP Business Development, SMASER AG


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