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The turbo for digitization in the automotive industry

The automotive industry has always been subject to constant change. But the challenges have never been greater than they are today. Electromobility, autonomous driving and connecting vehicles to the Internet: all of this requires investment in new technologies and the adaptation of business models.

Managed IT services as IT outsourcing solutions are an ideal solution for this change process. This allows you to quickly and noticeably increase the efficiency of your IT and put the pedal to the metal when it comes to digitization.

With SMASER Managed IT Services, we put your automotive business on the fast track to digital transformation.

Your advantage: As a managed IT services specialist, we support you in managing your IT systems, take care of data security, guarantee high performance and availability, and also enable you to achieve high cost savings. This intelligent outsourcing of IT tasks therefore relieves your internal IT department and gives you more time to concentrate on your actual core business.

Digital challenges

The lead is getting smaller

  • Investment costs: The necessary implementation of digital technologies in the development and production of vehicles requires considerable investment, especially in software solutions and modern hardware components.
  • Data security: The increasing connection of vehicles to the Internet and the use of data analytics increase the risk of data breaches and cyber attacks and necessitate increased investment in appropriate security measures.
  • Talent shortage: Due to the shortage of skilled workers, the automotive industry is already lacking a great deal of expertise, especially in the areas of software development, data analysis and cyber security.
  • Regulations: New digitization technologies such as autonomous driving and the use of data necessitate new regulations and standards to which automotive companies must adapt in order to continue offering their products and services.
  • Integration problems: The connection of different digital technologies and systems can sometimes cause major technical problems (example ADAS).
  • Culture change: Digitalization requires a culture change in the automotive industry, particularly with regard to the use of data and collaboration between IT and manufacturing. Here, it is important to ensure that all employees have the necessary skills and the right attitude for this important change.


IT solutions with optimal power-to-weight ratio

Smart vehicles need smart IT. As a specialist for managed services, we ensure more efficiency and security of your IT infrastructure, in your applications as well as in every single process!

Cloud services

Manage cloud computing environments to increase the flexibility and scalability of IT systems.

Network and Security Services

Manage security systems to ensure data and network security.

Application Services

Monitor and maintain IT systems to prevent outages and improve performance.

Desktop Services

Provide IT support for rapid problem resolution.


With Vmax into the digital age of the automotive industry!

Off the brakes, on to the gas: With our SMASER Managed IT Services for the automotive industry, we offer you tailored solutions that make your digital change possible at top speed.

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5 advantages of IT outsourcing solutions

Why our managed services put you back in pole position.

    • Cost savings
      By outsourcing application management, you as an automotive company can save costs that would otherwise have to be spent on internal IT staff and IT infrastructure.
    • Expert knowledge
      Managed services provide your company with access to experienced experts who are familiar with the latest technologies and methods.
      • Resource optimization
        By using managed services, you optimize your resources and also ensure that all your applications are always running at the latest level.
      • Reliability
        Managed Services ensure high availability and performance of your applications, guaranteeing smooth business.
      • Data security
        Managed services provide your IT with regular security updates and backup solutions that ensure protection of critical data and applications.


      Things to know

      What trends are emerging in the automotive industry as a result of increasing digitization?

      Electrification: The electrification of the automotive industry is expected to continue until 2030. More and more vehicles are becoming electric or hybrid, which will lead to a transformation of the entire value chain.

      Autonomous driving: Autonomous driving is expected to increase in the automotive industry by 2030. Through the integration of sensors and advanced technology, vehicles will increasingly be able to drive autonomously.

      Sustainability: Sustainability will be an important factor in the automotive industry by 2030. Manufacturers will focus more on developing vehicles that are more environmentally friendly and produce fewer emissions. The use of recycled materials and the expansion of sharing concepts are also expected to increase.

      What are the benefits of managed services for the automotive industry in terms of cost savings?

      The exact measures taken to ensure availability depend on the customer’s requirements. The availability of applications supported by Managed Application Services can be ensured by various measures:

      Redundancy: The use of redundant hardware and network elements can reduce the probability of failure.

      Resilience: Applications can be configured to run on multiple servers simultaneously to minimize downtime.

      Backup and recovery: Regular backups of applications and data enable fast recovery in the event of a failure.

      Monitoring: The applications and associated systems are monitored to identify and correct potential problems at an early stage.

      Maintenance: Regular maintenance and updates of applications and systems can help to increase availability.

      SLA: A Service Level Agreement (SLA) can guarantee application availability and define availability requirements.

      How can managed services help automate processes in the automotive industry?

      Managed services can help automate processes in the automotive industry by optimizing IT infrastructure and systems. They provide support for the implementation of automation solutions, such as workflow management tools and data analysis software. By integrating IT systems and processes, managed services can achieve efficiencies and time savings for automotive companies. In addition, automated monitoring of processes through managed services can help identify and resolve errors and irregularities more quickly, contributing to improved business performance.

      How can the availability of IT systems in automotive manufacturing be improved through managed services?

      Managed services can improve the availability of IT systems in the automotive industry through proactive monitoring and maintenance. Through the use of disaster recovery and disaster response, managed services can prevent unexpected outages and ensure that business processes run smoothly. Also, by implementing redundant infrastructure, SMASER Managed Services can maximize the availability of IT systems and ensure a secure and reliable IT environment.

      How can managed services help meet compliance requirements in the automotive industry?

      Managed Services keeps the company up to date on compliance requirements in the automotive industry. For example, IT Services provides comprehensive monitoring and auditing of IT systems to ensure that industry regulations are met. In addition, efficient monitoring of data protection policies and security systems through managed services ensures a high level of compliance in the automotive industry.

      How do managed services differ from traditional IT solutions for the automotive industry?

      Managed services differ from traditional IT solutions in that they offer a proactive and comprehensive IT management and support model. In contrast, the traditional IT solution is more of a reactive model, where IT support is only provided when a problem occurs. Managed services also include regular monitoring, maintenance and review of IT systems to prevent future problems. This leads to higher availability and efficiency of the IT systems. In addition, managed services offer a more flexible and cost-effective alternative for the automotive industry.


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