Our solutions for the healthcare industry


Smaser Digital Inspect

Inspect, document, monitor and alert

Smaser Digital Inspect offers a fully integrated solution for the digitalization of various documentation processes. From manual data collection via QR codes to fully automatic recording via sensors, measurements and routine tasks can be easily documented digitally. Smaser Digital Inspect can thus be used for various processes in hospitals and clinics, such as bed tracking, cleaning processes and facility management tasks.


Smaser Enterprise Asset Management

Reliable tracking – full transparency and overview of devices & assets

Smaser Enterprise Asset Management (SEAM) offers our customers a holistic solution for the management of equipment and technical facilities. With SEAM you combine all aspects of enterprise asset management in one digital solution. Whether location, condition, liabilities or maintenance actions  – Smaser Enterprise Asset Management provides transparency and offers a tool for predictive maintenance and post market surveillance.


TRIP Enterprise Search

Reliable search – easy, fast retrieval of data

TRIP enables accurate retrieval of information through interactive search across all of your organization’s document assets. In this way, all existing inventories can be efficiently searched for relevant information. TRIP Enterprise Search thus creates a customizable solution that makes it possible to exploit the full potential of existing information.