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In-Car WiFi Hotspot Platform

Secure and efficient access to information from the Internet on the move for professional and private purposes is an essential element for the customer satisfaction of car owners.



A large German telecommunications provider offers a platform for a white label hotspot product for OEMs and other users.


Our tasks were/are, the design of the private cloud and the application incl. worldwide network topology, the provision of the platform, the operation and quality assurance of the platform, the control of the service providers as general contractor.


The challenge was to have a platform instance for every customer in the automotive industry. The existing systems were inflexible, not scalable and expensive. The different instances had long downtimes for the customers. The unclear workflows and responsibilities between operations, delivery and product management led to delays and outages.


The solution was a scalable, multi-client capable platform including fail-safe functionality. In addition, DevOPS methods were introduced and the organizational structure was set up with clear work structures according to ITIL V3 processes and a service management with certified ITIL service managers. This was supported by optimization workshops, test automation and E2E application monitoring.