We realize, operate and optimize IoT and Cloud Services

We understand, deliver and take responsibility

The Smart IT Service Foundry is a combination of our SNIP integration platform and precisely tailored end-to-end services. We use it to implement, operate and optimise industry-specific IoT and Cloud services that are optimally suited to the needs of our customers.

Our platform SNIP

The central component of our integration platform is SPSC – the Smaser Private Shared Cloud. The SPSC is a hybrid cloud that combines private and public cloud services to build, run and optimize our customers’ applications. The SNIP is designed for IoT and Cloud applications. Thus SNIP offers a variety of components like a process engine, a data hub, an IOT hub, which can be easily integrated into our customers’ applications.

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With our end-to-end services

we support our customers in implementing their IT strategy.
Based on the IT strategy, we design the required services and cloud technology together with our customers in such a way that the customer’s goals, services and technology fit together perfectly.

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