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The power of TRIP

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TRIP is a solution for companies that pull information from a variety of data sets (studies, regulations, patents, laws, contracts) on a daily basis to generate new value and depend on finding the information accurately, quickly and efficiently, or reacting when it changes. Tailored to our customers’ needs, TRIP is available as a cloud or on-premise solution and can be customized according to data volume and number of users.

The One-Click Search solution for enterprise-wide search enables efficiently find textual information in large, distributed document collections across the enterprise. So can Users search both structured and unstructured data, including documents, emails, internal wikis, databases, intranets, and other information sources. The solution uses advanced algorithms and machine learning models to deliver relevant results and continuously improve search results.

Your advantages

Audit-proof archiving with smart search function

With the TRIP Enterprise Search Solution, we provide you with a powerful search solution that helps you access relevant information faster and more efficiently. The solution offers a variety of benefits, including increased productivity, better data quality, improved decision-making, personalized search, and seamless integration.

Sustainably accurate

The convenient, interactive search (full text, drill-down, thesaurus) across all of your company’s document inventories enables you to retrieve information accurately.

Automated routine tasks

The automated search with personalized Alerting informs when information in document files changes (e.g. in amendments to laws, a new pharmacological study or a new press release).

Cost & time saving

TRIP indexes large collections of documents such as patents or pharmacological studies per AI. TRIP can thus open up large, as yet unindexed document inventories for efficient research. The efforts compared to a “manual” keywording can thus be reduced significantly.


Increased data quality

TRIP enables organizations to ensure that users can access only the information to which they are entitled. This helps to increase data quality and minimize the risk of data breaches.

Improved productivity

TRIP provides users with quick and easy access to relevant information, regardless of where it is stored.

Seamless integration

TRIP can be seamlessly integrated with existing enterprise applications and systems. This allows for smoother integration and faster deployment without causing major disruptions.

TRIP functions

TRIP can do it all!

  • Personalized search
    The solution learns from users’ search behavior and offers personalized search results.
  • Easy navigation
    The user interface is designed to be intuitive and user-friendly to allow easy navigation through the results.
  • Integration The solution is able to seamlessly integrate with existing enterprise applications and systems, including CRM systems, HR applications and ERP systems.
  • Security
    TRIP Enterprise Search Solution provides security features to ensure that only authorized users can access specific data and information.
  • Analytics and Reporting
    The solution provides reports and analytics to give users insight into search behavior and user activity.

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System Match

With these systems TRIP harmonizes

TRIP Enterprise Search Solution integrates with a variety of systems and applications to provide seamless search and navigation through multiple data sources. Some of the systems and applications TRIP harmonizes are:

CRM systems: TRIP can be integrated with various customer relationship management systems to provide users with quick and easy access to customer data and information.

Email systems: TRIP can integrate with email systems to provide users with quick and easy access to emails and attachments.

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems: TRIP can be integrated with various ERP systems to provide users with quick and easy access to corporate data and information.

Document management systems: TRIP can integrate with various document management systems to provide users with quick and easy access to documents and other digital content.

Intranet: TRIP can be integrated into your company’s intranet to provide users with quick and easy access to internal websites and other content.

Test now!

Just download TRIP for on-premise installation and try it out! The package includes a trial license.


Things to know

What are the core functions of the TRIP Enterprise Solution?

TRIP Enterprise Solution is a comprehensive solution for your company that integrates and automates various business processes. Here are some of the core features of the TRIP Enterprise Solution:

  • Financial management: The solution enables automated accounting, invoicing, payment processing and budget management.
  • Sales Management: With TRIP Enterprise Solution you can effectively manage your sales processes such as quotation and order management, customer management and sales analysis.
  • Purchasing and supply chain management: The solution helps automate procurement processes such as order processing, supplier management and inventory management.
  • Warehouse management: The solution enables effective management of stock levels, inventory control, picking and delivery of products.
  • HR management: The solution supports the management of employee information, payroll, performance appraisal and training management.
  • Project management: The solution helps plan, monitor and manage projects, as well as allocate resources and budget.
  • Reporting and analytics: The solution provides comprehensive reporting capabilities and analytics to help organizations make decisions based on facts and figures.

These core TRIP Enterprise Solution capabilities provide your organization with a comprehensive solution to automate your business processes, manage them more effectively, and increase their efficiency.


Is the TRIP solution customizable to our specific business needs?

Yes, the TRIP Enterprise Solution is customizable and can be tailored to meet your organization’s specific business needs. The solution is flexible and offers a range of customization options to help you meet your unique requirements.

The TRIP Enterprise Solution is designed to be tailored to meet the needs of different industries and business types. You can customize and extend the solution according to your business needs by adding additional features or customizing existing ones.

The TRIP Enterprise Solution also has an open architecture that allows us at SMASER to further customize and extend the solution according to your needs.

Overall, the TRIP Enterprise Solution provides your organization with the flexibility to customize and extend the solution to meet your specific business needs and provide an optimal solution for your business processes.

What data formats can Trip read?

TRIP Enterprise Search Solution is a powerful search solution that can read and search various data formats. Here are some of the data formats that TRIP can read:

  • Text documents: TRIP can search various text formats such as Microsoft Word, PDFs, TXT, RTF, HTML and others.
  • Table documents: TRIP can search table documents such as Microsoft Excel, CSV and TSV.
  • Presentation documents: TRIP can search presentation documents such as Microsoft PowerPoint, PDF presentations and others.
  • Email documents: TRIP can search email documents such as Outlook PST files, MSG files and EML files.
  • Image and graphic documents: TRIP can search image and graphic documents such as JPEG, PNG, GIF and other image file formats.
  • Audio and video documents: TRIP can also search audio and video documents, including formats such as MP3, WAV, MP4, AVI and others.

In summary, TRIP Enterprise Search Solution can read and search a wide range of data formats, including text, spreadsheet, presentation, email, image, graphic, audio and video documents. The solution enables users to quickly and easily find relevant information from various data sources.

How easy is it to integrate the TRIP Enterprise Solution into our existing system?

The integration of TRIP Enterprise Solution into an existing system depends on the complexity of the existing system and the specific requirements of your company. However, as a rule, the TRIP Enterprise Solution is designed to be easily integrated into existing systems.

The TRIP Enterprise Solution has an open architecture that enables seamless integration with other systems and applications. The solution is also compatible with various standard interfaces such as XML, EDI and RESTful Web Services to facilitate integration with other systems.

In addition, the TRIP Enterprise Solution also provides an API (Application Programming Interface) that allows us to access the functionality of the solution. This allows us to seamlessly integrate the solution with other applications and systems.

The TRIP implementation team is also available to assist your company with the integration of the solution, providing support for planning, implementation and validation of the integration. Overall, the TRIP Enterprise Solution is designed to allow easy integration with existing systems and applications.


How secure is the TRIP Enterprise Solution and how is data security ensured?

The TRIP Enterprise Solution provides a high level of data security to ensure that your company’s data is safe and secure. The solution offers several security features to ensure data protection, including:

  • Access Control: TRIP Enterprise Solution enables granular access control to ensure that only authorized users can access data.
  • Encryption: The solution encrypts all data transferred between the server and the client to ensure data security.
  • Data backup: TRIP Enterprise Solution provides an automatic data backup function to ensure that important data is not lost.
  • Monitoring and auditing: The solution provides a monitoring system that logs user activity to detect and prevent unauthorized access.
  • Physical Security: The TRIP Enterprise Solution is hosted on secure servers protected by physical security measures such as access controls, surveillance cameras and alarm systems.

In addition, TRIP Enterprise Solution complies with various security standards such as ISO/IEC 27001:2013 and GDPR to ensure that your company’s data is safe and secure.

What kind of support and training is provided by TRIP Enterprise Solution vendors?

At SMASER, we provide comprehensive support and training to ensure that companies can use the solution effectively. Here are some of the support and training services we offer:

  • Implementation: We support you in the implementation of the TRIP Enterprise Solution and ensure that the solution is configured and deployed according to the company’s requirements.
  • Training: At SMASER, we provide training for users and administrators of the solution to ensure that they can use it effectively. Training can be delivered online or on-site and covers various aspects of the solution, including how to use the user interface, configure features, and manage the solution.
  • Support: We offer technical support for the TRIP Enterprise Solution to ensure that companies are supported quickly and effectively when problems or questions arise. Support can be provided via email, phone or ticket system and includes troubleshooting and maintenance.
  • Upgrades: At SMASER, we regularly provide upgrades and updates to the TRIP Enterprise Solution to ensure that it stays current with new features and enhancements.
  • Documentation: At SMASER, we provide comprehensive documentation to help users and administrators use the solution effectively. Documentation includes instructions, manuals, technical documentation and FAQs.




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